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What to look for when you are building your own home?

Building your own home is definitely a nice prospect, to begin with. You choose how to decorate your walls and the colors you would use for the windows and doors. Then there are furniture and appliances that you would like to have in your home to make it look great. However, the most important thing that we need to consider while building a home is its base or foundation. Foundation is the backbone of any building on which it should stand strong for years to come. Well, we generally leave it up to the engineer who is building the structure. But a little knowledge of the foundation will help you in the long run.

The basics of the base

Foundation bases actually make your house strong and long-lasting. It is generally the engineers who would know what the best foundation for building a house is, and they will help you in choosing the type of foundation that would suit best. In normal condition, you get two choices – slab on grade and Pier and Beam Foundation. When it comes to strength longevity and cost these two differ to a large extent. While slab on grade is a quick and inexpensive option, pier and beam foundation is the best and the strongest you can use for your house.

About the pier and beam foundation

The foundation of pier and beam adds a crawl space of about 18 inches underneath the footings and home. This space is filled with concrete that actually supports the slab on top. This is definitely a time-saving type of foundation and safe as well. The crawl space of the pier and beam foundation enables access to the plumbing and heating system and thus there is no need to break through the concrete while working on these lines. If you live in an area where you face extreme ground shifting the piers are the best for your home that enables smooth adjustment when the ground shifting occurs. Thus your home will be less at risk to any kind of damages.

And last of all

This kind of foundation does not get affected by any climatic changes. Since the foundation is installed very deep in the ground it hardly reacts to change in climate or weather. To have a home that is strong enough to last long and have fewer damages over the years you must use pier and beam foundation. It is surely the best you can bargain for.

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