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4 Steps to a Clutter-Free Kitchen to Stay Healthy

Did you known that people who frequently cook meals at home are healthier than those who cook less? This is what research by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health revealed. People who cook food at least six to seven nights a week consume fewer calories by consuming less carbohydrates, less sugar and less fat. In fact, these individuals are found to have consumed fewer calories even when they eat out.

Needless to say, cooking meals at home can significantly help you in losing weight or keeping yourself in shape. Then what stops most people from living the dream of a fit body? Read on to know how kitchen storage ideas can help.

A Cluttered Kitchen is the Culprit

Many people do not realize that a messy or cluttered kitchen, due to lack of kitchen organization, is impacting their eating and even cooking habits. A study by Brian Wansink of Cornell University and his colleagues, published in the journal Environment and Behavior, revealed that homeowners who have disorganized kitchens are prone to eating twice as much as those with a neat and tidy kitchen, where women are more at risk of overeating.

When we are in a cluttered and confusing environment, we become anxious. This anxiety is reflected in our eating habits and we end up eating more than we otherwise would.

Here are four ways you can keep your kitchen clutter-free, with kitchen storage/cabinets being an important part of the process.

1.   Keep the Countertop Simple & Spacious

When thinking if modern kitchen designs, think of large, spacious prep areas and a large floor plan. This way, you can call family members to help you in the kitchen and benefit from more bonding time for the family too.

2.   Use Plentiful Lighting

You will be able to tackle clutter well if you can see it. Make sure the pots and pan racks, food prepping areas, kitchen table, etc., have individual lights. You can use pendant lights for task lighting, flush-mount ceiling fixtures, along with ambient light.

3.   Say Hello to Sunshine

Bring in a lot of natural light by incorporating windows in the kitchen design ideas. Other than bringing in natural light, this will help you get fresh air too, which will keep you relaxed and refreshed. The impact will be immediately seen on your work quality. With sunlight entering the kitchen, the harmful bacteria will also get destroyed.

4.   Make Full Use of Cabinets

Using cabinets to store utensils and food items is the key to keeping the kitchen countertop clutter free. If the traditional kitchen cabinets appear boring, DIY to jazz them up with exciting knobs.

Judicious use of kitchen storage/cabinets alone can be a sure-fire way to achieve a clutter-free kitchen for your health and wellness.

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